Be Smart because I ever be So Fool

Hi! It’s 1 AM right now and I have not slept yet. I am sleepy of course, but I just don’t want to go to sleep. I still want to play with some of my friends and also by myself so here I write something. Ok, as far as I realize, I am an over thinker person and yes, that’s-not-good. But by that sometimes I get the answer of the question that I can’t just ask to anyone. And sometimes most of them are the correct one but still, maybe I am better not to do it.

wild child movie capture

Being a girl is something complicated, isn’t it? Or it is just me? I get jealous easily with everyone because I think that I can’t be as good as them. I ever wrote a comment on an actress in Instagram that I felt so jealous with her perfect life and I said that I wanted to be like her. Yes, why not? She is an actress, a model, she is smart, beautiful, independent, and she also studies abroad and all good things else. I think why is it on earth I don’t want to be like her? But few minutes after I wrote the comment, a notification showed up on my phone. Someone just replied it. She/he replied “be your self, you’re even better”. OH-MY-GOD!

IS SHE/HE SERIOUS? I mean, I have heard the “be your self” quote for million times but here, should I just be myself when someone is so much perfect? This was something. Maybe she/he was right and I am so glad having her/his replied. She/he reminded me to bless my life however it is. I was also ever in that position. That people just overestimate me. But sure, you have to now that I am far away from that thought.

You just amaze for something that you rarely see. I don’t like both of being overestimate or even underestimate. That’s irritating me so much. So can everybody please stop that? Let’s just learn to be a better person from we were yesterday. Let what’s good in me motivates you to be better and I learn the best from you too. And let the bad one be the thing that you don’t want to be and I learn to not to be bad as well.

Sometimes I feel like I am nothing. But seeing everyone is being so kind, I know that I mean something for them. And this is more than enough. I am so thankful to the person who replied my comment because if she/he didn’t, then I will still admire anyone else’s life than mine. And for you who always being so nice with me, I can’t be more blissful to have each and every one of you. Thank-you-soooo-much. 🙂


New Faculty Changes of Humanity Major of Jenderal Soedirman University

As a matter of fact, humanity major of Jenderal Soedirman University now has become a new faculty which before was part of social and politic sciences and this was welcomed nicely by everyone, especially the students. It took a long way for humanity major to be a faculty and after few years trying, now the dream has been already come true. The most excited for humanity major to be humanity faculty were the students. They were the one who insist the humanity major to become humanity faculty. They were trying several ways to separate from social and politic sciences faculty because they felt that humanity major has already mature and can operate its own bureaucracy as a faculty.

By this change, there are several changes in the daily life of humanity faculty as well. So what be the most felt by the students of humanity faculty? Here they are. Every single party of humanity faculty feels so blessed by this change. They have new rules and new orders to be operated by themselves. There still not so much changes on the building because it have just been few months to be a faculty but they put some order for some rooms. For example the Bapendik room is no longer on the A building but now on the B building. Some of the lecturers have new desk in new room and be differentiated by the subject that they held. To purpose something or some proposal they also don’t have to go to social and politic sciences like before. The new faculty can operate the order by self and it makes the students who want to purpose something is easier. New staffs have been formatted to do certain job that a faculty have to.

Some students think that now the campus is livelier because they students are starting to understand that having other activities outside the college is kind of important. Moreover we are now standing as a faculty. The new schedule that requires the student attend the college only from Monday until Thursday feels like lack of effectiveness. Some of them think that it just makes the lecturer give extra assignment not the material for them as are said by Nur Azizah and Dian Mustika Rani, the students of English Diploma Program 2013. The estimate of the new faculty is also still a little so they can’t get proper fund easily for some event that they want to hold. Ratu Mutiara, another student of English Diploma Program 2013 said that she feel that they are more be respected by other people and faculty. Some regulations are applied to make this new faculty to grow up better.

Humanity Faculty indeed still too young to do a big change on itself yet everybody on this faculty hopes that it will. And of course the one who wants it so much are the students. The majority of them hope that every classes in the campus will be rearranged to be better with proper facilities such as the chair, the LCD, the AC, the whiteboard and else. And then for the canteen, the library, and the toilet will be more comfortable to be used. And what be important is the hall. As we know that hall is used to hold some events so that it is the main room of the campus and they still don’t have a proper hall for it.

The Amazing Spiderman Review

You must know Spiderman, don’t you? Yes, of course everyone knows about it. Spiderman is one of the famous fiction heroes besides Superman, Batman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ironman, and else. The Amazing Spiderman is actually the new version of Spiderman movie that was released on May 3, 2002 and then the next 10 years on July 3, 2012 The Amazing Spiderman was officially released. When I heard that The Amazing Spiderman will be on cinema, I thought that it will be very boring because the Spiderman movie itself has been presented several times on TV and also the actor has been too old to be a hero and it is a classic story. And yes, I was not the only one who thought that way. Some of my friends were also thought that it would be boring because they have watched Spiderman movie for several times and they didn’t want to watch it anymore. But I didn’t have any other word to say when I have watched The Amazing Spiderman because it was really really AMAZING!!!

Like what I said before, this is a new version of Spiderman movie so that it has several similar stories. If you know Tobey Maquire as the Spiderman or also known as Peter Parker, here it was rolled by Andrew Garfield who is younger, cooler, powerful and everything else. With Garfield as Peter Parker, he made the Spiderman character became more alive, more amazing, and of course his action made everyone open their eyes wider. The main story of the Spiderman is that there was a boy who looked so ordinary, geeky, and always be bullied by his friends but then he had been bitten by a spider and suddenly he got a strength to defend himself and other people. In the Spiderman movie, you know Mary Jane as the spouse  of the Spiderman but here Mary Jane has not appear yet because in The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker has his first love named Gwen Stacy. The Amazing Spiderman has been released in two series, there are The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2. There will be the next Spiderman movies because the story is not end and Mary Jane also has not appeared yet in these serials.


Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

In the The Amazing Spiderman 1, the love life of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy was so perfect because they love each other. Everyone who watched their act must be jealous because they were actually the best couple ever. But then in the The Amazing Spiderman 2, Gwen Stacy died because she involved in the Spiderman battles. It was very very sad to watch them being separated. Moreover Peter has been promised with her dad to protect her from any danger. For your information, Gwen’s dad was a cab and he died in the The Amazing Spiderman 1 when he wanted to give the antidote that Gwen made for  Peter to against the virus that be spread by the giant lizard. Peter had no parents because they died  in a plane crash. This was actually a big lost for Peter. He felt so guilty, more and more guilty when he must lose his first love as well.

I can’t wait for the The Amazing Spiderman 3 but there is a bad news. You know, Andrew Garfield is no longer play as Peter Parker. It hurts me so much. After losing every single character on The Amazing Spiderman series, now Peter Parker must be replaced as well. What theeeeee…! Oh God! I know this issue was going around for few times but now it has been clear that he will not play in the next Spiderman movies. There are several reasons why the crews of The Amazing Spiderman want Andrew Garfield to be replaced. They thought that Andrew is too old and the total audience that watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 was not like what they expected. I hate to say this that they blame all the mistake on Garfield.

Although I am sad but I am still curious how the next Spiderman movies will be because whatever it is, the story of The Amazing Spiderman has not over yet. There is still a long story to be presented. I will always support Andrew Garfield although he is not Spiderman anymore. The next Spiderman Movie will be released in 2017. I wish there will be a miracle that Andrew Garfield will play the role again. I bet it won’t be so amazing if Andrew Garfield is not the Spiderman. But well, who knows? Let’s wait and see! For you who loves Marvell comics, you must watched this movie because Spiderman is one of the Avengers! 🙂

Some People are Worth Waited For

It has been our instinct to love and to be loved with and by someone. Yet love is always be a serious problem to be differentiated. We can’t just believe them who say that they love us and we can’t just call it “love” when we care or like somebody. Here is one of my own experiences that I want to share. I don’t mean anything but hope that this might help anyone out there to find their own definition about love.

This started when my best friend was in relationship with the boy that she adored but everything was not going alright. She told everything about her love life to me and yes I listened and gave her the best advice that I could. Because when we spent our time together it was just her that always told a story, finally she asked “do you have a boyfriend?” to me and I said “no, and I have not had one”.

But it didn’t mean that I didn’t love someone at all. Instead I kept my heart only for a boy who secretly admired me as well for more than a year. But we couldn’t do or say anything because we were just too young and too shy to talk about that. But sure, he loved me the same way as I was. He was my classmate, we spent much time together but we didn’t say much each other. Sometimes I caught him when he stared at me from distance and actually it bothered me at the first because I was so shy if someone looked at me. But I felt something was missing if he didn’t. So I said to myself “keep do that, boy.”

Because I was single and I didn’t tell her that I have already fallen in love with someone, my best friend suggested me with a boy who was actually her ex. I didn’t mind at all that time because I really really didn’t mean to be in relationship except with the boy that I loved secretly. One by one my close friends knew about this joke and they teased me with him. They said that I sent my regards to him but actually I didn’t. And finally this boy knew about this issue. Oh my gosh!

In short, I was not in the same class with the boy that I loved. But our feeling was still the same because our class was side by side, haha. But then the following year, we were separated again in quite far distance. I rarely met him and I didn’t know if he still loved me or not. I finally gave up with that boy because I was tired to wait. My best friend’s ex and I were finally be a couple even I didn’t love him at the first. I thought to just forget my love because it felt so hopeless. And this is my biggest mistake. And you know, when the boy that I loved knew that I was already in relationship with his friend, he asked me “ARE YOU HIS GIRLFRIEND?” and then it felt like the sky was falling down and the ground that I stand was no longer solid. I-am-so-sorry.

This is my first boyfriend, I actually wanted to make it special with someone special as well but I failed. I knew that this boy was also not so quiete love me but yes it just happened like that because our friends kept tease us to be together. I was not so happy with him. When we were together, all I thought was just the boy that I loved. Then something happened and I wanted to break up with him but he didn’t want to. Yes I couldn’t just let him go like that and I also didn’t know how, I still gave him another chance. I didn’t know if I have already fallen in love with him or just empathy. I actually understood that this relationship was not going to be better but I still stayed. Huh! Time flied. I loved him and he loved me. Yet like what I said, this relationship was not going to be better. But I didn’t know how I so believe that it would. Until I was at the point that I couldn’t stay any longer, then I decided to over it. It was not so easy either, he came back again after few months passed. Now we are really really done.

We are in college now. After long time passed, I met again with the boy that I ever loved. What a miracle! He was so surprised to meet me and so did I. His gaze was still the same but lately I knew that it couldn’t be like before. I just wondered if I wanted to stay for a moment, we might be together because where my heart went was always with him or at least I wouldn’t get trapped in a game that I accidentally played. Now he lives with his life and I am with mine. I know this won’t change anything but at least I understand that some people are worth to be waited. You might be ever or will be in this position, I hope you can make right decision about it. Ok, this is my story. I hope I don’t insult anyone. Have a nice day! 🙂

Louis Tomlinson

I guess everyone knows One Direction because it is very popular. Yet I was not so quite interested with One Direction when it just appeared and be the idol of everyone. I thought it just the same as others talent show finalists butI was so wrong until I watched the One Direction movie, This Is Us. As the matter of fact, One Direction was being popular since I was in High School grade 2 and there I just liked few of their song but no one of the members that I knew or even liked.

Lately I knew Harry Styles as the main vocal of the group but I thought that he wasn’t handsome. I also didn’t quite like him because he sometimes dated with high class actresses like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and else but it didn’t last long. Then there was also Zayn Malik that most of my girl friends like him because he is a Moslem and he has very beautiful voice and very very handsome as well. But how about the rest members? Yes, not everyone knew and so did I.

Maybe I was the last person who watched This Is Us movie because it was released on 29 August 2013 and I watched it in the end of 2014. When I asked my friends did they know about it, then all of my friends said that “You are late, it has been so long”. Pftttt. And yes, that was the turning point of my life. I have fallen in love with One Direction. And you know with who exactly it is? L-O-U-I-S T-O-M-L-I-N-S-O-N!

pageddd                                                               Louis Tomlinson

I don’t know how to explain this in words but I like him at the first sight. He is a humorist person, a real man, a hero, a lover, and he has a unique voice that can be easily recognize than the other members. He has husky voice just like me. Haha. But it doesn’t mean that he can’t sing instead you don’t need to use other effects for some part because Louis does make it sounds different and wonderful.

He is the older member of One Direction and he has six siblings that love him very much and he loves them as well of course. Four of them are twins so he has two couple of twin sibling. It is unique, isn’t it? Louis born with Louis Troy Austin as his real name yet when he joined X-Factor he chose to use his step father’s name, Tomlinson. I love everything about him. But sadly when I was with my friends and we talked about One Direction, no one of them looked interested and understood who is Louis. Yet I am not shy to stand in my own foot that I love him although no one knows and with my pleasure I introduce them that Louis is one of One Direction members and he is so perfect.

At the present time, Louis develops his own music label, be a football player, and writing songs. This is great achievements that prove that he is not just an ordinary singer. He develops his own career in 23 years old. With Zayn leaving the group, everyone started to look for their new favorite members. And now one by one, my friends start to give Louis an attention, they start to love him and it feels like they want to steal my Louis. Oh no! ><

There are Several Things We Better Don’t Know

Everyone must have a dream that might be impossible to happen, don’t they? Or it is just me? Ok, I dont know but when I was child, I ever daydreamt that I wanted to know everything in this world. I wanted to know what my pet thought about me, what other people thought about something, and of course the person I loved. And the important thing is that I wanted to know my friends’ answer when we were in examination so I didn’t need to ask or be crazy to figure out the answer of all the questiooooonns.

I wanted to know about something that would happen in the future, so I could tell myself and other people to be aware. I really really wanted to know everything. I wondered why it is only God that has that ability, why He doesn’t give it for us. It would be better in the event that we know everything so we will not make any mistake and be a good person, aren’t we?

That was my dream when I was child. Now I am 19 years old, I have lots of problems and I think I have already been crazy because of that. Huh!

Now I just realize that it is enough to know only my problems so I can be focus to find the way to solve it. Now I can’t stop to thank to God because He doesn’t give me that ability. I am sure that I will be more crazier if I know everything in this world. I finally understand why we have limited ability about everything. God wants us to be focus on ourselves first, then He also wants us to ask somebody for a help because we can’t live only by ourselves. “Asking” shows that we need Him, we need other people and it is the way for us to create a good relationship one another. 🙂

Incredible Journey with Aunty

Hi guys, today I want to tell you a little about my story. I think it is not quite important to share but ok, I have to do this because this is my assignment. First of all, I want you to know that I have incredible aunty who is very very close with me and she is so kind. She is my father sister and she lives in Depok City, West Java. I often go and visit her when I have quite long holiday. You know it means something for me to go to the city when usually I just play around in Tegal and everywhere else in the villages. So here I want to share those experiences that I ever spend. As you can guess, it will be so fun!

Beside I love my aunty so much, she also has a daughter that her age is 3 years younger than me and she is very coolll!!!!! She is my cousin but yes, we are more than that. Sometimes we can be friend, sister, or even enemy haha! What I love in her is that she knows a lot of things that sometimes make me speechless! How can she know that? Oh God, she is so incredible too! Ok, the usual thing if I go to my auntie’s house is that we go to the malls!! Yes, no more place that we can go except that. And also my aunty and her daughter don’t want to go to such place like garden or park or anything. Yes, of course it is because they live in modern life in the city that being surrounded by malls and many modern destinations. So I just followed them.

We went to several malls and restaurants nearby our city, but the last time I went there, it was several months ago, I visited a mall named Gandaria City in Jakarta. You know it is so far from our place in Depok and I didn’t enjoy the trip at all. It maybe because I felt rather to sleep in home than to go and I were not in good mood. We went there to fast breaking because it was Ramadhan month and also sightsee. We ate in some restaurant that I forgot the name and walked around the mall to sight saw in the event that there is something we could buy. I don’t know but I was not happy. Maybe I didn’t know how to be thankful at that time. Haha, forgive me God! But there was one thing that made me happy. It was when we wanted to go to Gandaria City, we passed Pondok Indah Mall! You know it is a place where the celebrities usually go. The mall is so big and so magnificent. And just to pass it through, I feel so glad. Haha. Sadly I didn’t go there.


Cilandak Town Square

I also visited Cilandak Town Square or also know as Citos in South of Jakarta. The place is quite unique because it is not too big but you can be inside and outside the building. Not all the building is covered by rooftop so you can see the sky when you are in there. And I also saw some actors like Roy Marten and his actor friends that I don’t know their name, were spending their time in some cafe. Here in Citos, was the first time that I knew and ate Takoyaki. That was my cousin idea to buy the Takoyaki although we just already ate and you know, her mother were angry with us, hihi. At the first the Takoyaki tasted weird but now it is one of my favorite food. There still some malls that I often visited nearby my auntie’s house like Margo, ITC, and others. Now I miss to visit my auntie’s house again because I think I really need a holiday RIGHT NOW!